Learning solutions for the 4IR.

Nextgen education and training with virtual labs.

We provide learning solutions for the Fourth Industrial Revolution across high school, college and early stage undergraduate education. We make custom virtual labs for use in curriculum, training, events and special projects. We are educators developing awesome technology for the next generation of interactive learning.

We are in beta.

We are educators first.

We understand disruption, but also value continuity.

Custom curriculum
Interactive learning experiences that challenge and engage. Consult with us on a virtual lab or use our modules.
We make awesome technology for teaching and learning. We are even better at supporting it in use.
Custom environments for virtual events and hackathons. Want to host in person with real hardware? We can do that too.
Project Design
Blended learning is the new normal. Opportunities to innovate and inform abound. We can help you with that.

Play with our LED simulations used at the the McGill Physics Hackathon.

Check out the tutorials and workshops we are testing in beta.

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Our platform is in beta.

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