About the P4 in P4labs

P is momentum, and in the language of classical physics, the momentum of an object can be thought of as how difficult it is to stop, as determined by multiplying two quantities: its mass and velocity. In modern physics it is a bit more tricky. For example, the four-momentum defined in relativity allows us to think also about the energy of the object while in quantum mechanics momentum becomes an operator on a wavefunction. Complicated!

In everyday terminology however, momentum implies a process that needs effort to get started but that is easier to keep going afterward. We aim to make getting started easier with software and hardware technologies like Arduino and then help keep the momentum going.

4. or the 4.0 of Industry 4.0.

We think of momentum in all its variations for teaching and learning in the 4th Industrial Revolution. As educators and innovators building learning solutions for an Education 4.0 paradigm our goal is to help educators, parents, facilitators and learners of all ages gain momentum as they move forward on a learning journey.

"Momentum" by 6 year old Izaak
P4labs provides learning solutions for the Fourth Industrial Revolution across K-12, college and early stage undergraduate education. We make custom kits and virtual labs for use in curriculum, training, events and special projects. We are educators developing awesome technology for the next generation of interactive learning.