Custom Kits

Kits for STE(A)M education, curriculum with virtual labs, professional development, and more.

We are developing project tutorials for our custom kits with Arduino-compatible hardware.

Are you an educator or facilitator looking for resources to incorporate tailored learning experiences for ages 10+ in robotics, programming, and related subject disciplines? We have kits to get you started and are developing a platform to help you customize your curriculum or training.

We can also help you build a custom kit to suit your teaching and learning needs.

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Our kits

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Learn with LEDs

STEM and STEAM! The LED kit comes with introductory and intermediate tutorials and projects to help you learn the basics of electronics and programming for the Arduino platform. The curriculum is designed to be fun and challenging with a focus on skill building for application to more complex projects. We

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Learn Robotics

Coming soon, our custom robotics kit that learners can grow with projects suitable for K-12 to undergraduate engineering and beyond.